Works for the emergence of a true communitarian society

Works with :

Holistic Vision Plan &Methods
International link But at the grass root
The most deprived and weak
With women and children
Harijan and backward adolescent girls


Samuday was founded in 1979 by Dr. Kalpana Shastree a Homeopath social activist from Maharashtra. She was joined by her husband Kumar Shubhamoorty a leading name in Gandhian people’s power movement.


Contact Persons – Kalpana Shastree (President)
Mob. – + 91-9420857028 + 91-9430830986

Registered under – Societies Registration Act – IT Act- 12 A, 80 G and – FCRA

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Postal address – Samuday, Post- Rusera, Dist. –
Samastipur, BIHAR,Pin-848210
Phone number – 0091- 6275 – 222069

Samuday was registered n 1980 under the ‘Society Registration Act, 1860’.  Samuday got registered under FCRA in 1985 and since then it has worked in grass root level in the Samastipur district of Bihar.

The organization worked on different issues like community health, women’s health, children’s education, women organization, development of skills which were considered to be non- traditional for women, e.g.- Installing tube wells, mason work , repairing of bicycle etc.

As the area of Rosera where Samuday has been working is flood prone it has good experience of integrated flood relief work. Samuday has a year long experience of working amongst dessert tribal communities in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It has also introduced bicycle usage by girls for getting their education and for personality development in 1998. This program proved to be of great potential when government of Bihar made a scheme to provide bicycles to school girls.

The film division of India has made a documentary film on the health program of Samuday which was shown in theaters all over the country, by the government. After 2008 Samuday involved itself in the land distribution work independently coordinating with ‘Bihar Bhoodan Yagya Committee’ and later worked in the land core committee of Bihar established by the revenue department.

In the meantime Samuday has been organizing seminars on different broad issues like ‘Land and Women’, ‘Women and Health’ etc., Samuday has also organized few international seminars on the ‘Relevance of Community’,’ Wither Development’, and ‘Education against Violence’.Presently its focus is on spreading humanistic values and one world. Samuday works independently and sometimes coordinating with other organizations.


Our Objective

We plan not to serve but for emancipation,enlightenment and holistic change of the society based on humanitarian values.We have seen and experienced that the most deprived and weak population group is that of women, Children and adolescent girls who interdependently co-live. So we work with these subgroups collectively and separately as required.

We formulate and develop activities accordingly in the field of basic needs of the people i.e. –

1. Health activity – In every village we train few village women as health educator to diagnose common diseases and also give primary medicines so that people can learn to serve themselves. As large mass of villagers is illiterate (60% men, 80% women and 90% Harijan women) we have developed a training module which is equally good for literate and illiterate.

2. Education activity – We have developed simple non- formal education pattern especially suitable to landless Harijan children and women. We focus on girl child.

3. Personality development – For this activity we focus on adolescent girls. We make effort to
develop inner expression, self assertion, Healthy body and the sense of self esteem. For these
developments in our situation bicycles and computers are being used as most appropriate tools.


From ancient times Indian society was firmly based on its strong communities in the form of villages. Three hundred years ago India was the richest country of the world. The British Colonial rule made it a pauper. The exploitation was methodical and systemic.
Mahatma Gandhi wrote “Bit by bit the villagers are having confined only to, hand – to – mouth business of scratching the earth. Few know today (1934) that agriculture in the small and irregular holding of India is not a paying proposition. The extinction of village industries will complete the ruin of the villages of India”. The post freedom policies of the government of India have almost completed the ruin of the villages and we can not ignore this context while working among villagers.

Our Vision


Earth without Pollution
World without war
Countries without hatred
Societies without division
Families without feuds &
Mankind without violence